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The number of IoT devices is increasing 31 percent every year, which means that by 2020, an estimated 20 billion devices will be connected to the IoT. The Internet of Things was born when the internet and other mass communication systems became a vast network, linking all kinds of devices, which have come to include thermostats, cars, vending machines, speaker systems, and even air conditioning units. Anything that can transfer data over a network without human aid can be linked to the Internet of Things and benefit as a result. AC is one such beneficiary of IoT innovation.

Data Analysis

Air conditioners that are part of the Internet of Things are connected to the internet. This supplies the unit with information, and allows the unit to send its own information to the control system. Information that’s received by the unit includes weather forecasts and important dates, while information that’s sent from the unit includes internal temperatures and energy usage. All these readings enable the unit to do second-by-second analysis and adjust itself depending on the conditions – no human intervention required. An AC with IoT technology can even sense the number of occupants in the house and disperse cold air to maximize the comfort of each individual. Because it is always correcting for the conditions, an air conditioner in the Internet of Things can reduce electricity costs by 20 percent compared to a conventional AC.

Streamlined Maintenance

Both IoT and conventional air conditioners need maintenance from time to time. Cleaning the coils, keeping the filter clean, and clearing the outdoor unit of debris are all things that should be done to keep any AC running smoothly. However, an AC that is connected to the Internet of Things has one obvious advantage when it comes to maintenance: it can self-diagnose. Each part of an IoT AC has its own address. When one of these parts fails, the system will be alerted and the appropriate measures can be taken. A traditional AC won’t let you know that there’s a problem until it’s too late.

Cloud Storage

Since IoT devices are connected to the internet, they can be connected to the cloud. This means that, thanks to the Internet of Things, certain AC systems have utilized the same cloud technology that revolutionized Apple. These air conditioners can store their information in the cloud – a much safer and convenient place for sensitive and abundant data. This information can then be extracted by the AC whenever the system needs it. Also, since the IoT facilitates remote AC access from any device, cloud information can be pulled by the owner or system administrator as they see fit.

The Internet of Things has connected many electronic devices to its network and upgraded their technology in the process. Air conditioners have benefited greatly from this deal, since it has been supplied with internet connectivity, self-analysis, cloud storage, and remote access. IoT’s expansion is proof that a rising tide lifts all boats.

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