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Our education solutions are helping bridge the digital divide and provide access to education for all. From student outcomes to teacher effectiveness, our team is committed to advancing all levels of education.

Capabilities & Expertise

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Design Research 

IPS uses design research to gather insights into the needs and wants of educators and learners, to better inform the design and development process. By understanding the pain points of educators and learners, IPS can develop innovative solutions that address the specific challenges they face in the classroom. Our research methods include user interviews, surveys, focus groups, and other qualitative and quantitative techniques.

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User Experience Design 

IPS creates user-centric educational platforms and content through our user experience (UX) design process. This involves designing interfaces and experiences that are intuitive and engaging for learners and educators. Our UX designers focus on creating user journeys that are seamless, efficient, and satisfying, with an emphasis on accessibility and inclusivity.

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Multidisciplinary Development

IPS' multidisciplinary development and design for manufacturability (DFM) services ensure that educational products are developed with a focus on functionality, usability, and manufacturability. Our team of engineers, designers, and manufacturing experts collaborate to create products that are optimized for production and that meet the highest quality standards

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System and Platform Architecture Development 

IPS builds scalable and robust educational platforms and systems that can accommodate large volumes of users and content. We work with the latest technologies to ensure that our platforms are agile, efficient, and secure. Our systems and platform architecture development services include cloud-based solutions, APIs, data analytics, and more.

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Design Validation/Regulatory Compliance 

IPS ensures that educational products meet all necessary regulatory requirements and standards. We perform rigorous design validation and testing to ensure that products are safe and effective for learners and educators. We are well-versed in regulatory compliance for the education industry, including compliance with accessibility guidelines and data privacy regulations.

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Manufacturing Support 

IPS provides end-to-end manufacturing support for educational products, from prototyping to production. We work with a global network of manufacturing partners to ensure that products are manufactured efficiently and to the highest quality standards. Our manufacturing support services include supply chain management, quality control, and logistics.

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