Airport Security


L3Harris Technologies’ Security and Detection division, now owned by Leidos, had a suite of independently smart baggage and people scanners deployed at airports across the world. Airport security costs have a major impact on airport operational and capital expenses. To increase operational efficiency and improve passenger flow while still maintaining the strictest levels of security and safety, airport security personnel must have access to key insights driven by the real-time data from scanners at each security checkpoint.


Partnering with L3’s ClearScan and ProVision engineering teams, IPS developed IntelliCore, a centralized command-and-control checkpoint monitoring solution. Designed for mobility, the software suite brings TSA officers access to critical real-time checkpoint security information at their fingertips. According to the TSA, in 2019 the U.S had an average checkpoint throughput of 2.3 million passengers per day. If we assume a modest 2-bag count per passenger, the total scannable items passing through U.S airport checkpoints exceeds 7.2 million per day. With most flights occurring between the hours of 5AM and 12AM each day, that number nets out at nearly 400,000 security scans per hour. Checkpoint security solutions, like the one built by IPS, allow security personnel to extract the most critical information from this large volume of data, preventing and disabling all threats to public health and safety.

While ensuring individual safety is paramount to the success of any airport, improving passengers’ experience and convenience is also of great important. IntelliCore streamlines the checkpoint experience, allowing security scans to flow smoothly and passengers to move quickly through the sometimes-dreaded airport security lines. The tablet application provides TSA inspectors the necessary just-in-time insights to open additional checkpoint lanes in the busier parts of the airport, allowing them to concentrate the finite number of their available personnel and resources on the areas where their attention is needed most.

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