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With over 3.04M apps on the playstore, Android is the most widely accepted mobile OS. The play store includes a wide range of apps consisting of calendars, complex games, social media, business mobile apps and many more different types of applications.

The android application industry keeps evolving rapidly. Consumer demands, tech innovations, and other factors directly affect the app trends. Thus, before implementing the required changes or hiring professional android developers to create a reliable app for your business, it’s vital to know the trends and their direct implications on your business and the android ecosystem.

Let’s explore different Android application development trends in detail now.

Top 10 Android Application Development Trends in 2021

Android Instant Apps

Instant applications are getting exceptionally well-known as they permit users to use and experience an app without actually installing the app on the respective Android device. It saves time and doesn’t occupy extra space as it works in the cloud. Thus, companies can promote their applications without demanding much from the user.

Numerous eCommerce organizations and game designers can benefit from instant applications. Utilizing these, organizations can advertise their products and draw in more customers. Also, Google has just launched a couple of new android app features that can help application developers to develop applications that can be downloaded quickly and this also encourages their potential users to try out new android apps without installing them.


Blockchain is a quickly growing technology which offers decentralized application solutions that increase transparency and limit unapproved access. Blockchain technology is highly essential for financial services companies such as banks as it can maintain centralized records.

In 2021, many organizations will try their hands on starting cryptocurrency platforms or share mobile apps among their audiences with improved security. Accordingly, there will be a rise in demand for blockchain development and organizations will start developing decentralized apps that can serve their needs better. You can join the developing industries by outsourcing or hiring android application developers to integrate blockchain in your services.

Machine Learning and AI

AI and ML are broadly used to augment or automate regular tasks like chatbots, voice assistants, automation and processing enormous amounts of data.  ML will assist organizations to automate various business tasks such as image labeling, NLP and barcode scanning. For a user, brilliant AI features in the android device will simplify the work and offer an outstanding user experience.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP is an outstanding innovation offered by Google and it is utilized by publishers, promoters and eCommerce organizations to increase their brand visibility. AMP equips developers with the power to run websites smoothly on Android devices and platforms with minimal issues.

Flutter Development

Flutter is a relatively new programming language that is backed by Google. It helps in developing high-performance native applications on Android utilizing a solitary database. Many developers pick Flutter for its adaptability. Android developers can create apps with Flutter quickly and accelerate speed to market.

MVP development, native design, and simple-to-learn features are some of the key motivations for choosing Flutter for Android app development. For example, Google Ads are built utilizing Flutter.


The demand for and usage of Android smartphones is increasing daily.  Thus, it is essential to evolve to meet customers’ needs and here is where the need for m-commerce applications emerges. M-commerce essentially means offering users a way to complete monetary transactions via smartphone. M-commerce is useful in making the payment procedures brisk and helpful. In addition,  M-commerce apps can be built easily for Android smartphones by integrating the Google Pay application as a payment platform, making m-commerce safer and more dependable.

Internet of Things

Smartphones are an essential gadget of daily life since and this is the reason for the rise in IoT application development. As everything that was previously controlled using computers has now shifted to smartphones, it is the perfect time to shift our more important tasks on smartphones. Tasks like automated machines management, inventory management, and many more can be easily managed using IoT applications on our smartphones.

As the demand for applications increases, the smartphone ecosystem has been joined by other smart devices such as smartwatches, gaming bands, smart TVs, and myriad wearables. Cost viability is the driving factor for this trend.

Kotlin Multiplatform

Kotlin serves as an extraordinary alternative to Flutter for developing multi-platform projects. Kotlin Multiplatform libraries allow reusing multiplatform logic and offer platform explicit code. The advantage of multiplatform programming is that it limits the amount of time spent in writing code while deploying the adaptability and other advantages of native development.

AR and VR

AR and VR are common innovations in Android app development. For instance, Google platform ARCore has been enabling developers to create augmented reality experiences since March 2018.

When implementing AR/VR organizations can take their basic user experiences to a higher level. IKEA has launched a Place application that empowers shoppers to check whether the furniture they might want to purchase fits in their homes. Google Maps has an AR upgrade that assists with navigation around a city by layering a virtual guide over real street views.


In 2021, many business owners are thinking of blending the various services and contexts of their apps using Google Assistant. The primary reason behind this is that they can offer faster ways to utilize their apps.

Another upcoming feature, Android Slices, equips developers with the power to serve critical content from the app to users with the help of assistants. Due to the expanding number of Google Assistant users, mobile app integration with VA will become an objective among developers.

Bottom Line

Each year new technological advancement, groundbreaking thoughts, and application trends come with new changes. By looking at the aforementioned top android app development trends, we can predict that the Android OS is continuously focusing on offering a consistent user experience based on consumer demand.

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